Workation Journey to Tallinn
October 4–17, 2021

Work on your projects, and travel to new destinations, uncover a new cultural environment. If you are an entrepreneur, creative manager, IT analyst and educator, this fantastic opportunity for YOU.

Coliving + Coworking + Coyurting = Workation Yurt

Cozy place for cohabitation to sleep and relax. You can choose apartments only for yourself or for 2.
Space to work - an atmospheric office large with cozy pot plants, large windows and plenty of natural light.

There are trestle tables for working together and acquaintance, and small ones when you want to concentrate. And also, water and fruit.
Space for creativity and exchange of experiences. It's a place to discuss, get feedback, and share knowledge. Coyurting gives everyone the opportunity to be needed as a co-creator of the program.
The Workation Yurt gathers 17 people whom we gather on common interests and values. Here you will feel safe as with friends and colleagues.
What Awaits You at the Workation Yurt?
Workation Yurt is proof that you don't have to work from an office, live in a commuter town, and travel only on vacation.
Find Your Folks
A Workation Yurt is a community of unique people with common values and principles.
Open up New Horizons
Joint events, immersion in new places and local culture and national cuisine.
Live in the Moment
We start our days especially, during the day we break away from work for meditation and communication, we spend dinners and weekends together.
Get Inspired and Be Creative
We'll take care of the housing and the program, and you can focus on what's important.

What's Included?
Apartment for 1 or 2 people.
Cozy joint workspaces.
Workshops, discussions and joint practices.
Water & Fruit
In the coworking space, you always have fresh fruit and water.
Stable Wi-Fi on the territory of Workation Yurt.
A buffet with a wide range of dishes.
What is not included in the price of a Workation Yurt?
Hi, Nick! Flight, dinners, medical insurance, as well as entertainment are not included in the cost of the Workation Yurt, the participants cover these costs themselves.

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What kind of people I will be surrounded by in the Workation Yurt?
— We unite people who are ready to share their knowledge and experience with each other. Joint work meetings and meditations help to look at your work from a different perspective.

— We work and have a good time. Each digital nomad comes with his own project, startup or product, which he will work on in Workation yurt. A project, startup, or product can be at any phase: from idea to implementation.

— We value openness, diversity and interaction. Therefore we're putting together a unique team of digital nomads. After all, each of them has their own unique personal experience and competencies.
How does the process of joining the digital nomad community work?
— We receive your form.

— We meet online to make sure everyone is a good fit. It is important for us that digital nomads are on the same wavelength

— After paying for your participation, you will join the online community of digital nomads who will be with you at Workation Yurt in Tbilisi.

— You come to the Workation Yurt and meet tough digital nomads just like you :)
How do I know that the Workation Yurt is not for me?
— Workation Yurt is not just a journey to another country and immersion in local culture. This is an opportunity to reboot and find new ideas for your project. If you just want to relax, our format is not for you.

— We're heading on a different path if you are not ready to share your knowledge and expertise with other members of the Workation Yurt.

— It is not for you if you are not ready to participate in the creation of the program and events.
Workation Yurts fot Digital Nomads
My name is Ilay and I am digital nomad and entrepreneur.
Currently in Tel Aviv, Israel.
For me, being a digital nomad is about feeling free.