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Steppe Way Agency – digital nomads community and deliberate travel lovers.

We help professionals and remote employees feel free. Freedom of movement, freedom of action, freedom of choice.

We bring together people who are close in spirit and values to create projects, work, enjoy the city and relax in a comfortable environment.

We create new habits and rituals. Our own little traditions for each city.

We learn to love cities and countries as they are. We are looking for "our places". Exactly ours.

We share knowledge and experience with each other, develop and we reflect.

We combined travel, work, awesome environment and love for new cities and created the Workation Yurt.
Our next Workation Yurt
A Workation Yurt is an opportunity to travel while continuing to work on your project in a new environment and surrounded by your fellow digital nomads, professionals, and remote workers.

May 10-23, 2021
October 4-17, 2021
Looking for a new location
December 6-19, 2021
Nice to meet you
We are the Steppe Way Agency team. Each of us's diverse experiences help us to be T-shaped person and create the best spaces.
Ilay Bexultan
Aidana Askarova
Europe Division Manager
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